Entertainment, MAS Northern style

Camping rallies are renowned for their organised entertainment. At Mountain Activity Section Northern, we’re not.

Your MAS days will be spent chatting to your heart’s content with others on a group walk (or not, if that’s what you choose).

At an MAS Northern evening, we enjoy a wild life and you will likely:

High Straggleton Farm, Whitby sunset, credit: D Hall
High Straggleton Farm, Whitby sunset, Credit: D Hall

Hear birdsong

Watch the changing light and its sunset

Read a map and get lost in all the stories its paths may tell you

Exchange soft laughter with fellow campers gathering about the info tent, offering and receiving top tips on who’s been where, what they’ve seen and who is going there tomorrow


Wensleydale cheeses on a bike credit: C Rogers
Wensleydale cheeses, credit: C Rogers

Eat the cheese you cycled so far to buy, and you need the energy too.

Stargaze and spot the headtorches wandering back from the sundowners at the pub or from the local beauty spot

Fall asleep quickly


Rise again early or not (most MAS northerners prefer lazy mornings and sunsets)

PS. At our Festival of Walking & Cycling, and AGMs, we’ll share a friendly supper, get some music makers in, and you can bust some moves (or not).